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UEFA Champions League.

March 18, 2010
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As a big football fan, watching the recent 8 games of the 1st knockout stages of the champions league was very exciting and eventfull. Two of the main favourites have been knocked out, Chelsea and Real Madrid, and some teams like Manchester united and Barcelona continue to amaze with the outstanding football they play. My two players of the tournament so far have got to be Wayne Rooney and Lionel Messi, they both had huge parts to play for both of thier teams in this knockout round, Rooney Scoring three times for man u against AC milan, all exceptional finishes, and Messi Socring twice in the second round against Stuttgart with two outstanding strikes.

On the other hand, Jose Mourinho, What a legend, coming back to the team who fired him, to knock them straight out of the competition they seem to be destined not to win, as a chelsea fan, i was outraged when we decided to get rid of him, in my opinion, he is the best manager in the world at this time, with the exception of sir alex ferguson, and definatly the best manager chelsea have ever had. To be Honest, i think carlo ancelotti went into the second game with the wrong tactics and mind set, throughout the whole game, chelsea never really threatened the inter goal too much, we was playing on the defensive and looking for the 1-0 win, which yes, wouldve got us through, but as most chelsea fans knew, we were never going to find a way of stopping the inter attack through 90 minutes and not letting them score, especially when mourinho came with such an attacking team, i think it was great management how he done this, and put chelsea on the back foot throughout the whole game, at thier home stadium.

Now lets talk about Real Madrid, basically, they underestimated thier apponents, of course, when they got the draw, everyone expected them to walk throuhg to the next round, and probably, with the money and talent they have, they should’ve, when they lost 1-0 to lyon in france, they missed out on the chance to get an away goal and get on the front foot for the second leg back in spain.


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Creative and Media Diploma…

February 4, 2010
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i am now well in to the first year of my creative and media course in college and chatham grammar, so far i have enjoyed most of it, we have now finished our project on a happening in the chatham dockyard, and presented it to so representatives from the dockyard, now we have to have our project evaluated with a 1500 word essay about what we done and why we done it, and hand it in by friday. Our happening was a dockyard fright night, i worked with two other people to complete our project and in the end in my opinion i think it went quite well, and hopefully we have passed.

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should rafa go?

January 14, 2010
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following the recent 2-1 loss to reading in the fa cup, I find myself thinking that the liverpool manager, Rafael Benitez, should be sacked. I myself am a chelsea fan, but my whole family are all liverpool fans and they all agree, this season for them has been a big disaster. Out of the title race, out of the champions league, out of the league cup and now out of the fa cup, the players look low on confidence and the manger looks out of ideas. something needs to be changed and in my opinion, it should be the manager, dont get me wrong, im a great admirer of rafa benitez and his managing skills, but i think his time in england and managing liverpool has run out, his managing style is more suited the the spanish league.

     He has tried bringing the way his old team valencia played football into liverpool and for a while, it looked like it was beggining to work, last season they had the best run in the premier league for the last 18 years, just missing out on 1st place to manchester united. Plus the players he has brought the the kop have mostly been good, top quality players, obviously Fernando Torres is his best signing of all, quickly becoming one of liverpool’s best ever strikers, along with the likes of Javier Mascherano, Pepe Reina and Xabi Alonso, he looked like he was going to take this liverpool team to the top of the league. and after their performance throughout last season, many people fault they were only going to get better including myself. but during the summer, they lost Xabi Alonso to Real Madrid who many thought would make a big impact to the way liverpool played football, rafa benitiez brought in Aquilani from Roma and re-assured the kop faithful that he was good enough if not better than Xabi Alonso, but to be honest, i dont think this player looks up to scratch, and he is not good enough to fill the boots of Alonso.

     Liverpool fans are begining to become restless about the fact they have not won the premier league in around 18 years, and that is the main competition the want to win, obviously, any other competitions they enter, they would also like to win, but liverpool are becoming hungry for the league title, and in my opinion, i dont think rafael benitez is the man for the job, anymore. I think the man for the job would be ex- chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, he has already shown he knows how to manage in and win the premier league, as he done it in his first season here.

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Hello world!

November 19, 2009
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gangsterssss;), im George, dont really have anything else to say, there will be more to come soon.

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